Application for Facility Use – Public

Applications are to be submitted to Sherburne History Center at least 14 calendar days prior to the first date requested in order to allow processing time. Some requests may require additional time for review. If making application as a non-profit group, please supply proof of status with application. Please make checks payable to the Sherburne History Center. If you have not received an email confirmation within 4-5 business days, call or re-send application.
The room is not reserved until confirmation is received from SHC.


Renter Responsibilities
 Set up and take down of meeting room (leaving room in the condition found – if mishaps or spills happen please contact staff immediately
 Entry and exit of guests upon arrival and departure (if prior or opening or after closing of facility)
 If using the kitchen equipment, cleaning and turning off the equipment.
Note: Attached to the meeting room is a kitchen with a Bunn coffee maker. Renters may use the coffee maker, but you are required to provide your own supplies, including coffee, filters, cups, napkins, creamer/sugar, etc. The Bunn coffee maker takes approximately 15 minutes to warm up to brew the coffee.
 See facility use policy for available amenities
 A certificate of liability insurance must be issued by your insurance agent prior to confirmation of use of facility.
– Liability minimum needs to be $500,000 per claimant and $1,500,000 per occurrence (an umbrella with $1,000,000 is acceptable)
– The policy needs to list Sherburne County and Sherburne County Historical Society as additional covered parties

Sherburne History Center Public Hours:
Sunday & Monday – closed
Tuesday-Friday 10am-5pm, Saturday 9am-4pm

Sherburne History Center Responsibilities
 The staff at the History Center will place your reserved date on the calendar and email a confirmation of use of the meeting room to secure the date during the times requested.

Renter Agreement: By filling out this application, I acknowledge receipt of and agree to follow the Sherburne History Center Facility Use Policy. I understand that all or a portion of my deposit may not be returned if these policies are not followed. I authorize the Sherburne History Center and/or Sherburne County to file a claim against my insurance company if the deposit I have given does not cover all damages or cleaning needs required from my use of this facility.
I understand that I will be the first on in the building and the last one from my group to leave, and that I must be present during the entire event.

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