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oil lampThe Sherburne History Center collects both two and three-dimensional objects with a direct connection to Sherburne County. Our collection includes:

Researching Our Object Collection

We have many objects in our three-dimensional collection and we can display only a small percentage of them at any one time. Even if an item is not on exhibit, it can be viewed by visitors who make arrangements ahead of time. If you are researching a particular type of object, we can run a search in our database to see if we have any examples in our collection that you might want to study. If you would like to view a specific object in our collection (e.g. something donated by a family member), we can retrieve it from collection storage for viewing.

To find out more about how to view objects in the collection, please contact the History Center.

skelly signBecause of limited storage space we have to limit our collection. With any possible donation we look at its connection to Sherburne County, whether we already have a similar item in the collection, the physical condition of the item, its size, its significance to important themes in county history, and the cost associated with conservation and storage of the item.

Do you have a historic item to donate to the Sherburne History Center?

television Our collection of Sherburne County artifacts, archives, and photos comes from many generous donations. We review all potential donations to be sure they are appropriate for our artifact and archival collection.

stacks Because of limited storage space, we do not usually collect duplicates of items we already have in our collections. For example, we might not accept a wedding dress for the collection because we already have several from that era. Long-term storage of artifacts for the future is expensive, so we want to use our resources to preserve a wide variety of objects, photographs, and documents for the future.

Do you have something you think we might be interested in?

Please call the Sherburne History Center during business hours and ask to speak to our curator. It is best to make an appointment before you visit so that you can be sure that a staff member will be available to speak with you.

Thank you for helping us to preserve Sherburne County’s history!