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Permanent Exhibits

Life on the Edge

museumIn our Life on the Edge exhibit, learn about the Ojibwe and Dakota presence here in Sherburne County. Discover why early settlers chose this place for their new home and why county residents planted millions of trees. Meet Tatanka Tom, our native Sherburne County bison named by Sherburne County kids.

Electric Generation

electric energyLearn how Elk River got an atomic power plant. Learn the electrifying story of Reddy Kilowatt and Willie Wiredhand.



19th Century Farmingfarm implement

Vernon Bailey remembered his childhood in late 19th century Elk River Township: "The beavers were all gone, but there were other furbearers, muskrats, mink, otter, raccoon, and great yellow foxes in their primitive abundance. ... Muskrats were abundant in the creek that wound through our meadows and in all the old beaver ponds that still held water through most of the summer."

Kight farmsteadThe John and Rosina Kight family pose in front of their log home in Livonia Township. In this photo, the Kights display their favorite cows and double-barreled shotgun. Photo: ca. 1887, SCHS