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Deaths Index

Book A- 1870-1885 Book B- 1886-1899 Book C- 1900-1908 Books D, E- 1909-1923
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This index lists deaths recorded in the county for the years 1870 to 1923. It is arranged first according to the book in which it is recorded, then alphabetically by surname. It includes the date of death, the location of death- usually the township in the county, the age at death, and the birthplace. The age at death is given in years, months and days, and can be used to extrapolate the birth date.

These names are extracted from books held by the county recorder's office. Books A, B, C, and E are indexes, and Book D contains death certificates. If you would like a certified copy of the death record, contact the county recorder's office.

The information recorded in the death registers A, B, C, D and E are slightly different. The registers include this information:

Book A 1870-1885 Book B: 1886-1899 Book C: 1900-1908 Book D: 1909-1910 Certificates Book E: 1911-1923

Thanks go to volunteer Gail Holdeman for her time transcribing these records.