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Burial Index 1855-1885

This list is arranged alphabetically by name. It lists the date of death and the cemetery.

Name Date Cemetery
ADAMS, Blanche I. 9-26-1881 Vernon Cemetery
AIKEN, Charles 2-19-1885 Clear Lake
ATKINS, Howard 2-1-1884 Vernon Cemetery
ATKINS, Marian 1-26-1884 Vernon Cemetery
BABCOCK, Eliza A 3-1-1867 Vernon Cemetery
BABCOCK, Lillian J. 2-14-1857 Vernon Cemetery
BALDWIN, Elisabeth P. 7-20-1883 Clear Lake
BALDWIN, Florence Eugene 1863 Clear Lake
BALDWIN, Margaret W. 1867 Clear Lake
BARDEN, Ethel May 8-12-1880 Vernon Cemetery
BERGERSON, Anna R. 0-00-1880 Orrock Cemetery
BITHER, Harry E. 10-9-1865 Vernon Cemetery
BITTNER, Henry 11-23-1884 Becker
BLACK, Emily 1867 Big Lake
BORST, Joseph 2-28-1884 Becker
BOWERS, Maggie M. 4-2-1884 Clear Lake
BRADFORD, Benjamin 1875 Becker
BRADFORD, Mary Armstead 1884 Big Lake
BROWN, Joseph 1864 Big Lake
BROWN, Mary H. 1859 Big Lake
BROWN, Sam 1876 Big Lake
BURRELL, Freddie M. 12-18-1883 Vernon Cemetery
BURRILL, Albie R. 0-00-1877 Vernon Cemetery
BURRILL, Nancy M. 0-00-1864 Vernon Cemetery
BURRILL, Pamelia C. 0-00-1855 Vernon Cemetery
BUTTRESS, Otto or Olof 12-7-1884 Becker
CAMPBELL, Mary A. 10-28-1883 Clear Lake
CAMPBELL, Thomas 1871 Clear Lake
CASTLE, Carrie L. 3-10-1883 Clear Lake
CAMPBELL, Alvah 1872 Clear Lake
CASTLE, Sarah E. 11-5-1872 Clear Lake
CHAMBERLAIN, Emma A 2-22-1872 Clear Lake
CASTLE, Edward 6-20-1883 Clear Lake
CASTLE, Nancy 7-13-1875 Clear Lake
CHASE, Caleb 0-00-1864 Vernon Cemetery
CHASE, Nehemiah 3-18-1856 Vernon Cemetery
CLARK, Florence D. 0-00-1863 Vernon Cemetery
CLARK, Horace B. 0-00-1867 Vernon Cemetery
COLLINS, Margie G. 0-00-1880 Vernon Cemetery
COLSON, Amie Bartlett 1-28-1873 Vernon Cemetery
COMBS, Sarah 11-3-1885 Clear Lake
CONANT, Hannah 1872 Becker
COOMBS, Bennie 9-28-1870 Vernon Cemetery
COREY, Oscar W 1-28-1861 Vernon Cemetery
COX, Baby(ed.T, Sr.& Laura's) 5-25-1880 Becker
COX, Izetta 9-14-1881 Becker
CRAWFORD, Baby 1881 Big Lake
CROCKETT, Bertie 5-22-1879 Vernon Cemetery
CROCKETT, Frank 7-13-1885 Vernon Cemetery
CROCKETT, John M. 11-30-1885 Vernon Cemetery
CROCKETT, Leon L. 8-2-1881 Vernon Cemetery
CROCKETT, Nathaniel, Jr. 11-8-1883 Vernon Cemetery
DAVIS, EL 0-00-1882 Vernon Cemetery
DAVIS, Fred L 7-20-1873 Vernon Cemetery
DOTY, Ellen M. 1-6-1883 Becker
DOTY, John Leo 3-23-1878 Becker
DUFFEE, John 2-17-1885 Becker
DYE, Ezekiel 0-00-1873 Vernon Cemetery
DYE, Phoebe A 0-00-1873 Vernon Cemetery
DYSON, Elijah 4-6-1882 Becker
DYSON, Hannah 1-7-1884 Becker
EDWARDS, Fannie 3-7-1881 Big Lake
Elizabeth-baby 1884 Big Lake
FOSTER, Carrie 3-31-1881 Becker
FOSTER, Chester G 4-27-1884 Becker
FOSTER, Mrs Ruby 1870 Becker
FRYE, Charles L 4-28-1874 Clear Lake
FRYE, Ernest 7-20-1877 Clear Lake
FRYE, Lois A 4-3-1883 Clear Lake
GULBRANDSON, Marie 0-00-1882 Orrock Cemetery
HANSON, Baby 9-3-1881 Becker
HANSON, George 5-11-1881 Becker
HANSON, Martha 11-11-1881 Clear Lake
HAVEN, Experience 1864 Big Lake
HAVEN, Joel 1858 Big Lake
HAVEN, Lettie 1880 Big Lake
HILL, Mary J 1879 Meadowvale
HOULTON, Alice G 1-15-1875 Vernon Cemetery
HOULTON, Lawrence K 7-27-1861 Vernon Cemetery
HOULTON, Melissa V. 9-2-1871 Vernon Cemetery
JACOBSON, Peter 8-12-1882 Becker
JOHNSON, Eddie S. 2-13-1876 Vernon Cemetery
JOHNSON, Edna A. 9-15-1873 Vernon Cemetery
JOHNSON, Jonas 0-00-1874 Orrock Cemetery
JOHNSON, Mrs. Jonas 0-00-1884 Orrock Cemetery
JONES, Alamanzar 1884 Clear Lake
JONES, Amos 5-23-1877 Clear Lake
JONES, Arthur H 8-24-1884 Clear Lake
JONES, Drayton 11-28-1881 Clear Lake
JONES, Henry 10-29-1881 Clear Lake
JUDD, Mary Isabel 9-6-1883 Vernon Cemetery
KINNEY, William 6-2-1884 Becker
KITCHEN, Julia A 11-15-1880 Vernon Cemetery
KNAPP, Maria H 1-13-1884 Big Lake
KNUTSON, Clara 0-00-1879 Orrock Cemetery
KNUTSON, Della 0-00-1879 Orrock Cemetery
KNUTSON, Minnie 0-00-1879 Orrock Cemetery
KORMDOWIYZ, Lion 7-26-1877 Big Lake
LAMOREAUX, Mary S 10-1883 Clear Lake
LANDON, Guy 0-00-1879 Vernon Cemetery
LARSON, Mary 11-3-1885 Clear Lake
LIBBY, Georgianna 9-3-1880 Vernon Cemetery
MARICLE, HM. 10-15-1879 Vernon Cemetery
MARKHAM, Cora May (Mrs Russell) 2-1-1885 Clear Lake
MARKHAM, George 7-1884 Clear Lake
MARKHAM, Gracie E 8-3-1882 Clear Lake
MAYO, Dorcas 6-3-1878 Vernon Cemetery
MAYO, Reuben 5-10-1882 Vernon Cemetery
MCALLISTER, Orlena 1871 Big Lake
MITCHELL, Albert M 1883 Big Lake
MITCHELL, Anna B 1883 Big Lake
MITCHELL, David 1883 Big Lake
MITCHELL, George 1873 Big Lake
MITCHELL, Hattie 1883 Big Lake
MITCHELL, Wallie L  1883 Big Lake
MONSON, Nellie(Peterson), (Mrs.Ole M. 1-29-1882 Becker
MOORES, Inez L 1884 Big Lake
Morgan, Leonard 1-17-1885 Clear Lake
MORSE, Maggie 12-27-1882 Becker
MURPHY, Delia 7-19-1878 Becker
NELSEN, Nels F 6-00-1885 Danish Cemetery
NELSON, Milla 0-00-1870 (birthdate) Orrock Cemetery
NELSON, Mrs.Alice 7-14-1885 Becker
NEWELL, Hyland 1881 Big Lake
NICKERSON, Abba M 1-28-1876 Vernon Cemetery
NICKERSON, Dorinda 2-2-1880 Vernon Cemetery
NICKERSON, Ephriam 9-11-1876 Vernon Cemetery
NICKERSON, Vernon 3-31-1871 Vernon Cemetery
O'CONNER, James 1877 Big Lake
OBERG, Erick 1868 Becker
OBERG, Ole 9-11-1884 Becker
OBERG, Peter 1-10-1882 Becker
OLESON, Mari 0-00-1876 Orrock Cemetery
OLSON, Olena 0-00-1881 Orrock Cemetery
ORROCK, Robert 1/4/1885 Big Lake
PATWELL, Agnes Brown 1860 Big Lake
PENNEMAN, Dorothea C 3-21-1884 Vernon Cemetery
PERONTO, Peter 10-25-1874 Becker
PETERSON, Mrs.Ole M. (Nellie MONSON) 1-29-1882 Becker
PETERSON, RandiI 1868 Becker
PETERSON, Swan 7-3-1882 Becker
PHELPS, Edgar 6-5-1873 Vernon Cemetery
PHELPS, OrlandoI 3-24-1884 Vernon Cemetery
PUTNAM, Frederick 1861 Big Lake
PUTNAM, John Elmer & Putnam, Mary 1856 Big Lake
PUTNAM, Mary 1856 Big Lake
PUTNAM, Julia C 1885 Big Lake
RANNEY, Kenneth 1-27-1860 Vernon Cemetery
RING, Cynthia 3-4-1881 Clear Lake
RING, Myrtie 4-9-1883 Clear Lake
SADLEY, Myrtle 9-26-1871 Becker
SADLEY, Robert 1867 Becker
SADLEY, Robert John 6-23-1873 Becker
SADLEY, Willie 1870 Becker
SHACK, Arthur 4-21-1883 Becker
SHELDON, William H 2-9-1861 Vernon Cemetery
SHOCKLEY, Sophia A 0-00-1874 Vernon Cemetery
SMITH, Alice Emma 1881 Clear Lake
SMITH, Baby 10-20-1884 Becker
SMITH, Thomas E 5-31-1884 Clear Lake
SNOW, Little Minnie 5-9-1876 Big Lake
SNOW, Nancy 9-19-1874 Big Lake
SNOW, Tileston 2-27-1872 Big Lake
SPENCER, B.N. 3-17-1881 Vernon Cemetery
SPENCER, Baby 2-3-1873 Vernon Cemetery
SPICKERMAN, Henry 3-27-1883 Becker
SPICKERMAN, Luella 9-4-1883 Becker
ST.ARNOLD, Joseph, Jr 2-16-1885 Becker
STAPLES, Sarah A. 11-7-1876 Vernon Cemetery
STAPS, John 7-15-1883 Clear Lake
STILES, Aseneth 3-21-1875 Becker
STILES, E Thurton 6-23-1877 Becker
STILES, Edgen 1-31-1873 Becker
STILES, Fannie A 12-9-1876 Becker
STILES, Henry 1-17-1884 Becker
STILES, Osian 1-15-1875 Becker
STRECH, Freddy C. 8-15-1877 Vernon Cemetery
STRETCH, Frances M. 2-23-1884 Vernon Cemetery
STRETCH, John I. 11-30-1883 Vernon Cemetery
TRASK, Capt A. 3-5-1885 Vernon Cemetery
TRASK, Isadore 0-00-1882 Vernon Cemetery
VIRGIN, Mrs David 10-23-1884 Vernon Cemetery
WAGNER, Baby 12-30-1880 Becker
WAGNER, Edward 1881 Becker
WAGNER, Lucinda 1880 Becker
WAGNER, Mabel 1-22-1884 Becker
WATTERS, Addie 1881 Clear Lake
WELLINGTON, Mary C. 1883 Big Lake
WHEATON, Maria S. 8-12-1878 Vernon Cemetery
WHELDON, W. H. 12-27-1882 Vernon Cemetery