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Births Index 1870-1899

This list of names of children recorded as born in Sherburne County is extracted from books A and B, which are held by the county recorder's office. In this list, the records are arranged alphabetically by surname, then by father's name, and loosely by birth date. It includes the date of birth, the child, parents, and township. This is the complete information available from the SHC.

As of January 2001, 1899 was the last year births were available to the public.

Check carefully for variant spellings of the surname and names of parents that you are researching. We know that there are misspellings of names and errors in these records. Many of these were entered in the birth record book by the clerk, and some probably occurred during transcription because the handwriting is sometimes difficult to read.

If you want a certified copy of a record you find here, contact the county recorder.

These records were transcribed by volunteer Gail Holdeman.

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Birthdate First Name Surname Father Mother Location
04/06/1883 David blank   Ida Orrock
05/15/1878 Charles L. Adams Robert Adams Emma Adams Elk River
06/20/1882 female Adams Robert Adams Emma Adams Elk River
12/20/1884 Roy W. Adams Robt. Emma Gay Elk River
2/7/1890 Kyle David Adams Robert Emma A. Elk River
05/17/1882 male Adamson Charles Adamson Hiller Adamson Becker
12/08/1872 Helma M. Ahlstren Nels Jacob Erica Gustau Becker
10/01/1874 Augusta Matilda Ahlstrom Jacob Erica Gutau Becker
08/15/1878 Carl Ahlstrom Jacob Ahlstrom Eureka Ahlstrom Becker
5/9/1895 Beatrice Aldrich H. J.   Big Lake
9/5/1897 male Aldrich Herman J. Etta Heath Big Lake
9/15/1887 Harry A. Algren August Lotta Haven
8/19/1888 male Algren August Charlotte Haven
11/17/1897 Lawrence Fay Allen Ara D. Mattie V. Santiago
11/29/1882 George Alison Allen Wm. J. Allen Adrienne L. Allen Santiago
5/31/1892 female Allen Wm. Z. A. G. (Adrianna Gertrude) Santiago
10/24/1894 Lerman Loyd (Lloyd) Allen Wm. Z. Audra G.(Adrianna Gertrude) Santiago
9/15/1897 Leonard Silas Allen Wm. Z. Adrianna G. Santiago
11/22/1888 Charlotte Deliah Alvord F.G. Ellen Big Lake
8/6/1886 male Alvord Frank   Big Lake
11/16/1898 male Ames Chester Minnie Baldwin


Birthdate First Name Surname Father Mother Location
11/24/1884 male Anderson A. Nicol Christine Anderson Becker
11/28/1886 male Anderson A. Nicholai Christine Becker
4/19/1888 Otto Edward Anderson A Nicolai Christine Becker
7/1/1895 Hilda J. Anderson A.C. Adelaid Santiago
10/12/1898 Jennie Kristine Anderson A.C. Lise Santiago
04/21/1882 Josephine Anderson Adolph Anderson Nellie Anderson Blue Hill
10/3/1886 Powell Alford Anderson Adolph Nellie Blue Hill
8/30/1895 Emma Anderson Alick Anne Santiago
6/17/1897 Isaac Anderson Alick Annie Santiago
10/18/1873 female Anderson Andrew Annie Becker
8/7/1888 Andrew A. Anderson Andrew Carrie Becker
09/28/1881 female Anderson Andrew Anderson Christene Anderson Becker
12/20/1882 John Anderson Andrew Nicoli Anderson Christine Anderson Becker
08/28/1879 Andrew Christian Anderson Andrew N Anderson Christine P. Anderson Becker
12/6/1889 Barndt Albert Anderson Andrew Hilda Clear Lake
11/05/1882 Annie Anderson Andrew Anderson Hilda Peterson Anderson Clear Lake
06/25/1880 Ella A. Anderson Andrew Anderson Marion Anderson Orrock
1/1/1887 Nelda A. Anderson Andrew Mary Orrock
04/20/1878 Emma A Anderson Andrew Anderson Mary Anderson Orrock
06/16/1874 Anna Anderson Andrew Mary Ann Big Lake
8/3/1897 Anna Catherine Anderson Andrew Mary C. Santiago
8/25/1899 Harry August Anderson Andrew Mary C. Santiago
5/16/1888 Walter Anderson Andrew Matilda Orrock
7/10/1890 Fred E. Anderson Andrew Matilda Orrock
05/30/1884 Arthur Anderson Andrew Matilda Orrock
06/06/1878 Louisa E. Anderson Andrew Anderson Matilda Anderson Orrock
7/28/1888 female Anderson Andrew Tilda Becker
1/15/1886 Anna Anderson Andrew Tilda Orrock
03/09/1880 Ida Anderson Andrew Anderson Tilda Anderson Orrock
12/10/1881 Minnie Anderson Andrew Anderson Tilda Anderson Orrock
1/19/1892 Lute Anderson Andrew   Haven
11/6/1886 Mercy Anderson Arne Mercy Orrock
06/08/1883 Sena Anderson Arnie Mary Orrock
07/25/1880 Emma Anderson Arnie Anderson Mary Anderson Orrock
07/23/1884 (unknown) Anderson August ?? Anderson Elk River
6/16/1886 male Anderson August Matilda Elk River
1/27/1894 Arthur Anderson August Gena Larson Orrock
3/12/1896 Laura Josephine Anderson August   Orrock
11/7/1897 Bryan Lawrence Anderson August Gena Orrock
11/25/1899 Roy Norman Anderson August Gena Orrock
4/6/1891 Anna Carolina Wilhelmina Anderson Charles F. Hannah Big Lake
6/29/1892 Carl A. Anderson C.F. Hanna P. Big Lake
1/26/1894 John Oscar M. Anderson C.F. Hannah Big Lake
4/26/1896 Alveda Natalie Jennie Anderson C.F. Hannah Big Lake
12/20/1898 Ida Judit Anderson C.F. Hanna Big Lake
1/1/1896 male Anderson Charles Fred Louise Becker
4/16/1898 male Anderson Charles Fred Louise Becker
9/21/1898 male Anderson Charles Fred Louise Becker
8/12/1891 male Anderson Christ Carrie L. Elk River
11/28/1889 Lawrence Nels Anderson Christ Sophie Elk River
8/11/1895 male Anderson Chris Sophia Elk River
07/22/1884 Annie Anderson Christian Ellen Orrock
4/29/1886 Engeborg Anderson Christian Ellen Orrock
8/1/1888 male Anderson Christian Ellen Orrock
7/7/1891 Andrew Edwin Anderson Chris Ellen Orrock
10/7/1893 Christian Anderson Christ Ellen Orrock
1/12/1896 Grace Miria Anderson Christian Ellen Orrock
12/27/1897 Grace Elvre Anderson Christian Ellen Orrock
6/13/1899 George Anderson Elick Annie Santiago
03/28/1874 Anna Anderson F. Peterson Christina Becker
9/12/1893 Freeman Anderson George Flora Haven
12/24/1882 male Anderson Hans Anderson Lottie Anderson Elk River
07/04/1885 Rodel Anderson Hans Lottie Orrock
8/2/1887 Andrew David Anderson Hans Lottie Orrock
10/26/1899 Hilmar Victor Anderson Hans Lottie Orrock
1/19/1892 Ruth Anderson Henry Arma Haven
09/17/1882 Carrie Mene Anderson Isaac Anderson Emma Anderson Santiago
05/01/1884 female Anderson Isaac Anderson Emma Anderson Santiago
09/23/1876 Pia M. Anderson J.P. Kristene Becker
10/26/1877 John M. Anderson J. Peters Anderson Christen Anderson Becker
01/05/1882 Bennett F. Anderson J. Peter Anderson Stena Anderson Becker
6/30/1894 Mary Agnes Anderson Jens P. Hane Danielson Clear Lake
2/16/1897 Jens William Anderson Jens Peter Hannah M. Clear Lake
7/6/1899 Dan'l Harry Anderson Jens Peter Hanna Mary Clear Lake
9/25/1897 Edna Anderson John O. Martha Santiago
09/10/1881 Mabel Jane Anderson John O. Anderson Mary Anderson Santiago
11/12/1883 male Anderson John O. Anderson Marry Anderson Santiago
3/18/1889 Mary Cathinka Anderson Lars Mary Jenson Becker
3/18/1889 Elisabeth Anderson Lars Mary Jenson Becker
5/14/1891 Alma Alfrida Anderson Lars Augusta Clear Lake
12/17/1899 Oscar Edwin Anderson Lars August Clear Lake
11/08/1877 Hans L. Anderson Lars Anderson Mary Anderson Becker
5/19/1893 Claude Anderson Martin Addie Livonia
1/24/1895 male Anderson Martin Emma Livonia
1/3/1893 Arthur Anderson Nels Emma Orrock
4/28/1895 Ida Anderson Nels Matilda Orrock
8/14/1893 Theodore N. Anderson Nicolai L. Christine Becker
11/4/1895 male Anderson Nicolai Christine Becker
06/12/1875 Mary Anderson Peter Mary Orrock
4/26/1899 Reuben Peter Anderson Peter E. Amelia Becker
4/26/1899 Ruth Kathrane Anderson Peter E. Amelia Becker
12/3/1887 male Anderson William Clara Haven
12/02/1882 Emma Anderson William Anderson Mary Anderson Orrock
2/25/1895 Eva J. Anderson   Etta E. Orrock


Birthdate First Name Surname Father Mother Location
03/15/1877 female Andrews Dewitt Andrews Jennie Andrews Elk River
08/16/1879 Isura Cora Andrews Dewit Andrews Jennie Andrews Elk River
09/27/1882 male Andrews Dewitt Andrews Jennie Andrews Elk River
10/10/1873 Arther James Angel James Phebe Becker
11/14/1876 Silvia Angel James Phebe Foster Becker
05/16/1879 male Anjel James Anjel Oheba Anjel Becker
04/09/1883 female Angel James Angel Phoebe Angel Becker
12/23/1886 female Angell James Phoebe Becker
7/24/1889 female Angell James Phebe Becker
08/30/1885 Henry Lyman Anshust Haldo Maret Grotte Becker
12/26/1887 male Anshus Haldo Mary Becker
8/1/1893 Merriam Anshus Haldo Mary Becker
03/30/1877 Mary Applegate Henry D. Applegate Kate Applegate Baldwin
11/2/1897 Lucian Joseph Arrell Wiliam H. Armine Mingo Elk River
3/3/1892   Arseneau John Addie Haven
4/26/1894 Cornelia Arseneau John Addie Haven
5/26/1898 female Arseneau John Addie Haven
10/09/1870 male Arsennan Oliver Fanny Clinton Lake
11/15/1894 Liela Asher Alexander Wani Haven
2/2/1899 Ruth Asher Alex Hannah Haven
07/25/1881 male Aslekson Augend Aslekson Anna Aslekson Santiago
12/20/1881 Halver Aslekson Gunder Aslekson Anna Aslekson Santiago
01/20/1884 Thorvald A. Aslakson Augend Aslakson Anna Aslakson Santiago
3/15/1886 Tora Aslakson Augend Annie Orrock
6/5/1888 Halvor Aslakson Augend Anne Santiago
12/21/1890 Anna Gurene Aslakson Augend Anna Santiago
1/9/1893 T.D.A. Aslakson Augend Anna Santiago
12/9/1893 female Aslakson Ole Theo Santiago
01/18/1877 Blanch Atkins H.M. Atkins V.S. Atkins Elk River
03/18/1879 Howard E. Atkins Howard M. Atkins Virginia Atkins Elk River
06/20/1882 Mary E. Atkins Howard M. Atkins Virginia S. Atkins Elk River
05/09/1885 Ruth Ellen Atkins Howard M. Virginia A. Atkins Elk River
12/25/1888 Vel Sinclair Atkins Sinclair Nellie W. Elk River
08/22/1884 male Ayers Charles W. Ayers Margaret Jane Ayers Haven
6/30/1892 Alice Adelaide Ayer Fred L. Jami Elk River
4/20/1894 female Ayers Fred L. Jermene Elk River

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